How We Work

Mitchell Law Group, PLLC was created in 2015 to provide legal advice and logistical support with personable, family oriented planning. We are an active member of the elder care community and the Triangle and Piedmont areas. Mitchell Law Group strives to be a service to the community in law through education, volunteerism, and client-focused planning.

Mission Statement:

At Mitchell Law Group our mission is to help families prepare for life events with a plan to protect themselves, their assets, and their wishes.

I believe that clients are best served when they work with a team of trusted advisors. Although every client's needs are different, the team should include an estate planning attorney, a financial advisor, an accountant, family members, and the client.

1. Team of advisors
2. Importance of communication - monthly? updates, annual reviews, online access to file, responding to calls and emails within 24 hours

With Mitchell Law Group, PLLC, you can be assured that your attorney will be fully involved with your case and in continual contact. With many law firms, casework is passed along to paralegals and assistants, limiting interaction with attorneys and ultimately compromising the case. Nothing is more important to us than communication, as it is the basis for all the services we provide and the foundation that provides you a solid conclusion to your situation.