Tovah Mitchell

When I graduated from law school I worked in Research Triangle Park, NC for two years as an information technology project manager. I loved the company I worked for, I enjoyed the people I worked with, I attained my project management certification and was in a good position to grow with the company. However, what I missed in my position was the feeling that my work really helped people; which is the reason why I went to law school. Ultimately, I left project management to practice with a small but "focused" law firm in Raleigh, NC for four years. I worked with a creative and forward thinking team of attorneys and the team cared for our clients and the success of the resolution of their problems. I took pleasure in my work and I knew that I was helping my clients and their families.

In 2014 my husband and I started a family of our own. We became the proudest parents in the world to our daughter, Reese Olivia. As happens when little people join a family Reese required lots of time and attention. I soon realized that I was not able to give my best to my clients, mentally and emotionally, and provide all the care that my daughter required, demanded, and deserved. I made the difficult decision to leave the firm and devote myself to being the best care provider to my daughter and household.

I was fortunate to meet and work with moms (and dads) like myself who understood the struggle to have enough time, energy, and mental capacity to work and care for my child. Many of them reached out to me and encouraged me to take the time while my daughter is young to care for her and savior the times because she is only young once. As many stay at home parents can probably relate to, I love the time with my daughter but felt uncertain about stepping away from adult interaction and contributing financially to my household. Encouragingly, former clients often times added to their message that they still desired to work with me now and in the future. They understood that I am a wife and mother yet also an attorney who they trusted and cared about.

During my break from practicing law one of my family members was diagnosed with having early stage dementia. My spirit was crushed, I was sad and yet I knew how "it" worked because I had worked with many, many families of people with dementia. But, I really didn't know how "it" worked. Being the family member is completely different than being the attorney working with the family. I realized that when clients thanked me for my work they were thanking me for being one part of the process where they could get helpful answers and peace* during a period in their life when the answers aren't always answerable.

Bolstered by client's desires to continue to grow our relationships, me becoming a better time manager in my household, and my ever burning desire to help families plan their lives Mitchell Law Group was created. I look forward to planning for your life.